National Locksmithing Institute

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The National Locksmithing Institute provides a comprehensive locksmith training course.  The Certified Facility Locksmith class is a 40-hour hands-on training course.  Having a professional trained locksmith on staff at your facility can help efficiently resolve security issues and can also better secure your facilities.  This will also provide a significant cost savings over calling a locksmith. 

  1. Economical - Use existing personnel and resources
  2. Better Security - Keep your security information secure
  3. Code Compliance - Up to date training with new National Life Safety Codes and Fire Safety Codes for Locksmiths
  4. Rapid Response - Existing personnel are onsite already
  5. Efficiency - Most preventative maintenance activities can be combined.  For example, if the electrician is also an Facility Locksmith, they will be more cognizant of security deficiencies and respond appropriately
  6. Reliability - Security companies come and go.  Service contracts are won and lost.  Utilizing your existing staff will maintain consistency with internal guidelines and standards.