National Locksmithing Institute

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We are working on the 2019 class schedule. Our last 2018 class will be in Eugene, OR.  Our new schedule will be posted in November 2019.

National Locksmithing Institute

Certified Facility Locksmith

The National Locksmithing Institute provides a comprehensive locksmith training course.  The Certified Facility Locksmith class is a 40-hour hands-on training course.  Having a professional trained locksmith on staff at your facility can help efficiently resolve security issues and can also better secure your facilities.  This will also provide a significant cost savings over calling a locksmith. 

  1. Economical - Use existing personnel and resources
  2. Better Security - Keep your security information secure
  3. Code Compliance - Up to date training with new National Life Safety Codes and Fire Safety Codes for Locksmiths
  4. Rapid Response - Existing personnel are onsite already
  5. Efficiency - Most preventative maintenance activities can be combined.  For example, if the electrician is also an Facility Locksmith, they will be more cognizant of security deficiencies and respond appropriately
  6. Reliability - Security companies come and go.  Service contracts are won and lost.  Utilizing your existing staff will maintain consistency with internal guidelines and standards.